What is the new projector from Acer?

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I heard that Acer has produced a new hybrid projector including LEDs with lasers. What is its model no? And why is it different from other projectors?

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What is the new projector from Acer?


Hi James,

The professional Acer P7 series projectors provide with crystal clear image that is suitable to deliver very clear and persuasive corporate presentations. It provides with high resolution and bright color contrast. 

Acer P7 series projectors

Then Acer brought the S5 series, that provides the most clear images even if the projector is placed very close to the screen. 

Acer brought the S5 series

The Acer P1 series provides you with breathtaking visuals and easy to handle setup. Its main benefits are the 3D image quality, easy to handle setup, eco friendly power setup.

Acer P1 series with 3D image quality
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What is the new projector from Acer?


The K750 LED-Laser Hybrid is the new projector from Acer. It's different from others in that it is able to display up to 2000 ANSI Lumens, displays 1024X768 resolution and a contrast of 10000:1. The LED offers a clear and brilliant color and its enhanced digital signals better than mercury lamps in other projectors.


Acer's 1024X768 resolution projector


It also has a function of taking an environmental friendly way by the use of LED and laser which help avoid harmful substances to the environment while saving power.

Its price will range from around $2650 (not confirmed).

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