What is new linux available?

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What are the new Linux distributions released in to the market? How are they different from existing Linux flavors? What are the features provided in these Linux distributions?

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What is new linux available?


I think the new Linux distro is Anonymous OS.

Ubuntu based distro it features a wide array of security tools especially hacking.

It is an Ubuntu based distro it features a wide array of security tools especially illegal access.

The operating system was created for "educational purposes" to "(check) the security of Web pages

The new distribution has features that based on being anonymous on internet privacy like Tor client, Wireshark, a network protocol analyzer,  John the Ripper and Pylori.

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What is new linux available?


Hi Charles,

There are several new releases of Linux distributions. The three main popular distributions are Fedora, Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Each year, they distribute a new version whose most prevalent difference is the user interface and fixing of some known bugs of their predecessors. They also provide support for new devices that are invented or renovated each day such as IPads and iPhones.

To be specific, Ubuntu has a scheduled release on a predictable six-month basis. Every fourth release, that is normally issued on a two-year basis, receives a long-term support (LTS) usually used for large-scale deployments. Its latest release is Ubuntu 12.10. To learn more about what is new, visit the link https://www.ubuntu.com/desktop.

Linux mint is now version 14 with the code name Nadia. For all the new features, please read the release page on:


For Fedora, it is version 17. It is a 64bit operating system that requires Intel processors which can handle its features. For more about the new release, please read their website at http://fedoraproject.org/en/features/#overview.

Best of luck to you.

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