USB Port Scan Potection for Linux PC

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Hello experts,

All about linux port scan protection. I am using linux operating system and just want to ask about usb port scan protection for my dell laptop. There are some instances that my usb port is not working properly and it is not protected or secured. Share with me your insights about this. Thank you.

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USB Port Scan Potection for Linux PC


Hello Gregory,

If you have an antivirus installed on your system, then you do not have to worry about the ports. When any USB device is connected to the computer, then antivirus will first check it for malware and viruses before you can open the device. If any problem is detected, you will be alerted.




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USB Port Scan Potection for Linux PC



Hello Greqory,


Sometimes loose plug-in can cause issues like you are having. I suggest you make sure that the USB device is sturdy inserted to your laptop (dell) also make sure that the special USB driver is loaded correctly as well as the support were included while running the Linux kernel. Try following this steps :

1. To make sure that your USB (external drive) is detected by your system run "dmesg" command which print or controls the kernel ring buffer :

# dmesg or # dmesg | grep USB

You can also verify using the following command :

# lspci -v | grep HCI

2. Now, time to load USB modules/drives and then running the dmesg :

# modprobe usb-uhci

# modprobe usb-ohci

# modprobe usb-storage

3. Try inserting your external USB device to see if its detected :

# fdisk -l | grep sbd

4. After that, its time to mount :

# month /dev/sbd1 /mnt

I hope this helps you solve your problem. 


Waall Mike

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