What is JQUERY APPLICATION?And how does it work?

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I am asking assistance for using JQuery since I’m not yet familiar on this application. I have this Screenshot Development project. I’ll need JQuery application for this.

I want to make a Modal pop up which is auto-updating for 15 seconds and continues every 1 minute.  

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What is JQUERY APPLICATION?And how does it work?


Hi Gerson Espina,

It's a good decision for you to make your Development Project a success by combining JQuery Applications on your Modal Pop up which is auto-updating.  Before  I assist  you on how JQuery works let me give you some info's about it.

What is JQuery anyway,  It is a framework that gives useful dialog widget which enables to display forms and resize it and  also serves as the best Java Script media center for it gives and designs customary tools for your development project.

Your Modal Pop up will definitely become a slick dialog if you mixed JQuery to it with which your applications or website become truly alive.

   You must download the following plug ins to help your JQuery Modal works:

  • The Modal JQuery, the NyroModal JQuery, The framework JQuery, the simple Modal JQuery, the Boxy JQuery, the thickbox JQuery, the  BlockUi JQuery, Impruntu JQuery, Alert Dialog JQuery, Modal dialog JQuery, and last the ColorBox JQuery.
  • Those plug ins collection are the best way to find your correct pop up.

Hope this might help you.


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What is JQUERY APPLICATION?And how does it work?


Hello Gerson Espina,

JQuery application is a cross browser JavaScript application that is meant to simplify scripting of hyper text markup language on the client side. In is a free and open source application and therefore you can download it for free from the internet.

Its JavaScript Library is used mostly by people who have specialized in developing websites when they need to navigate hypertext markup language documents, during event handling and when they also need to animate features and add some Ajax tools in the web pages that they are developing.

There are so many sites that use JQuery some of which are Google, twitter and CBS News site.


Clair Charles


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