What Is A Jailbroken Iphone 6?

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I came across a really good deal for what they said is a mint iPhone 6. They keep saying that it is jailbroken and I have no idea what that means? Is this a stolen iPhone? Should I report this person to local police in their area?

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What Is A Jailbroken Iphone 6?


The term jailbreaking is the process of eliminating the restrictions or limitations on a device running on iOS operating system. The term is not only limited to iPhones or Smartphones but also points to iPad, iPod touch as well as second generation Apple TV. Jailbreaking is the same as making an ordinary network-locked phone open-line which allows it to use different SIM cards for different networks.

In a phone that is locked to a specific network, using a different SIM card for another network is not possible. When you insert a new SIM that is for a different network, the phone will ask you for a code which is neither provided by your network provider or the phone manufacturer.

The only way to go around this is to make it open-line. This is the term used for old phones like Nokia. Its equivalent term in iOS or for Apple devices is jailbreaking. Google also recommends not to jailbreak your device because Apple doesn’t support it. When something goes wrong and problems start showing up after jailbreaking your device, you are one hundred percent [100%] on your own.

Your Apple warranty is now voided. That’s why they always say jailbreak at your own risk.

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