What Is Troubleshooting RPC Server Unavailable Error In Windows?

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I was working on a project, and my system suddenly got crashed showing RPC server unavailable error on my display. How to fix this issue with my windows? Is this kind of error harmful for my windows? What is the major cause of this error?

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What Is Troubleshooting RPC Server Unavailable Error In Windows?


RPC stands for remote procedure call, and it is a procedure call between the server and the client. The commands given by the client to the remote server are being served under the RPC. It is not a dangerous issue for your system that you should be worried about.

It can happen due to the lack of poor internet connection since the RPC server uses the network to work. It can also happen due to the different applications running in the background which could block the functioning of RPC due to the traffic causes. There could also be a wrong IP address issue.

It can be resolved in several ways such as-
1.) Click Start > Control panel > system and security tabs.


2.) Click on allow on app option under the Windows firewall tab and a pop-up dialog box will appear. Check whether the Remote assistant services are open or not.

3.) Manage the applications as private or public to avoid the traffic issues and check your internet connection properly.

If your system encounters this error again, then you need to check your related IP address and the internet connection.

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