What Is Airborne Technology?

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What is airborne technology? How is the model designed? What modifications should be done in the upcoming future? How it can be beneficial for the military and the surveillance process? What is the future and uses of this airborne technology?

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What Is Airborne Technology?


There are drones of all many of but they have their own limitations. They can be noisy or can be easily spotted which can make them difficult for surveillance. The Icelandic inventor named Hardarson has his latest endeavour Flygildi, the Silent Flyer.

The drones come in all regular functions and shapes but this air technology is quiet and flies like a bird. It can fly without rotors and by using its flapping wings. The Flyer can stay in the air for longer duration because of its wings which are more efficient.  In this model he has used a seabird as a model and the evolutionary computational methods to teach it how to fly.

The unique wing design of the device makes it fly like a bird. The drone operator also has real time control for steering the model. The Silent Flyer has body with wings and the head as its two main parts.  The head has camera which is controlled by servomotors to enable it moving up, sideways and down. The inventor is still working on this model to improve its performance. They are trying to teach the model how to fly like a bird.

This model will make the surveillance much easier for law enforcement according to the inventor. You can do surveillance at public places such as concert or soccer game without being detected.

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