What is GSM and CDMA?

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I want to know the basic components of GSM and CDMA. Also, reply the differences between them.


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What is GSM and CDMA?


GSM: Global System for Mobile Communications. It is widely used mobile communication technology.

CDMA: Code Division Multiple Access.

Both technologies have several advantages. Here, I only  mentioned the basic differences between these two technologies below:

1. GSM technology allows user a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card that identifies the terminals. It is protected by a four digit PIN code to activate service from any GSM phone. To identify the subscriber to the system it contains subscriber identification number, networks and countries where the subscriber is entitled to service and other user-specific information. The user can have access to its subscribed services in any terminal using SIM card. On the other hand, CDMA has no such SIM card that can include the above services.

2.  CDMA technology offers high speed internet connection than GSM technology. However, GSM has developed  WCDMA technology which provides high data transfer rate.

Hope this helps.

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What is GSM and CDMA?


GSM is the abbreviation for "Global System for Mobile Communication". It is a protocol of mobile network communication based on land-based network of tower

On the other hand CDMA is the abbreviation for " Code-Division Multiple Access". It is a protocol based on base station tower, where base station determine the call quality would suffer beyond a set limit. 

Differences :

  1. CDMA is faster than GSM in term of data transfer rate
  2. GSM SIM card is more user friendly than CDMA because, any stored item from SIM card can easily be transferred to any         phone while CDMA SIM card cannot.
  3. Network coverage of  GSM in any rural area is good while sometimes CDMA needs to use the GSM network for this same area.
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What is GSM and CDMA?


GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications while CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access. There is another Techyv post which is addressed your problem. My recommendation visit that page and get more idea.

Different between GSM & CDMA

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