What is github and how do I benefit by using github?

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Could somebody help me to understand how github works? I would like to know more about github, how it can help you accomplish tasks and make the most of all of its resources. Where do you go to obtain extra information within the github community? Why do people use github at all? What other alternatives exist?

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What is github and how do I benefit by using github?



There are programmers all over the world with super intelligence and creativity. They might be awesome but in order to present themselves to the world, they need a platform. This is what GitHub does by allowing free repository. This is, until now, the best code management and hosting service.

GitHub is nothing more than a sharing site. It allows developers sign up there and publish their programs on the web. As they don’t have to pay for the hosting, they can easily develop their applications without any worry. Collecting information about their project, code is easily available, so debugging codes and building better applications is easier for them.

GitHub is so popular that they have published an application for users’ ease to download the developers’ apps easily. It’s available on Windows. There, by running single line of command, you can get any program from their servers easily.

Though GitHub is cool, there are also other such services at the same time. SourceForge is the best alternative to GitHub.

If you're a developer, just sign up there and find out what you can get from the world to build your apps beautifully.

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