What features does ‘Starlink’ software come with?

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I have an interest in ‘Starlink’ software and would like to know more about it. Of particular is the features that are offered by ‘Starlink’. I also wonder why not many people use the ‘Starlink’ software. Please enlighten me about ‘Starlink’ software as I think it would work well for me.

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What features does ‘Starlink’ software come with?


Hi Hailey,

Below are the features of Starlink software:

  • All Starlink command-line applications now support message filtering using the MSG_FILTER and QUIET parameters. The QUIET parameter can always be used to disable message output from a command. MSG_FILTER can take strings values of "NONE", "QUIET", "NORM", "VERBOSE", "DEBUG", "DEBUG1" to "DEBUG20" and "ALL. Applications that used an ILEVEL parameter now use MSG_FILTER (KAPPA, CUPID and POLPACK). The MSG_FILTER environment variable can be set to one of these values to globally control message output.
  • This is the first release that officially supports SCUBA-2 data processing.
  • The Tcl/Tk libraries have been updated to version 8.5. This improves the appearance of all Tk based applications.
  • Note that ECHOMOP does not work on 64-bit architectures (this is not a change; however, it was not previously advertised.


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