What to do to remove clipart art design watermark?

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Hi there… I’ve got interested in some clipart art design when I search on google images, the thumbnails look good and I thought that I could use them in my presentation, but when I zoomed in the images, they have watermarks of the of the designer’s name, can you help me how to remove them pls.?

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What to do to remove clipart art design watermark?



Hi, Alfred Martinez,


You can see a lot of ways on removing the watermark on a clipart. Some use paint but it is hard there to delete for it may not give better result.


I suggest you download Adobe photoshop CS5:



1. When you now have the Adobe Photoshop CS5, open the clipart with the watermark.

2. Choose lasso tool or marquee tool (rectangular) and choose the area of watermark you want to remove.

3. Click the area selected, then Click on Edit and then click on FILL or Shift+F5.

4. Be sure to use Content-Aware and then Click OK.

5. Just repeat the process on other area that has watermark.


Hope this information helps.

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What to do to remove clipart art design watermark?



In order to remove a water mark from a photo you can use the following steps:

1.  Download Gimp from the following site:  https://www.gimp.org/downloads/.

2.  Download the plugin called "Resynthesizer" from the following site :  http://www.logarithmic.net/pfh/resynthesizer.

3.  Load the "Resynthesizer executable in the gimp-2.0libgimpplug-insdirectory.

4.  Restart the program to recognize the script.

5.   Open the photo you are editing in Gimp.

6.  Use the lasso tool to select small portions of the water mark.

7.  Now select the following;  Filters>Enhance>Heal Selection.

8.  Next specify the radius you want to take the selection from.

9.  Repeat this process if needed on different sections of the photo.

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