Adobe Illustrator – Invalid numeric value

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Strange problem with my Adobe Photoshop, in color tab when input 255 in R an error with the Invalid numeric value. I have this error only in R color with G and B it works fine. It worked fine before, but now I have some error in Photoshop. Does anyone know how to solve this ? What it means and why I have this now ?

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Adobe Illustrator

Invalid numeric value.

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Adobe Illustrator – Invalid numeric value


That’s strange. Supposedly, even if you enter a very large number in the field, you will only get an alert and the program will automatically insert the closest or the maximum possible value. That’s the result when I tried to reproduce the supposedly error you received. I entered 1000 which is obviously larger than 255, the maximum value, moved to the next field, and I only received an alert and the program inserted the highest possible value in the field. See image.

I also tried entering 255 in all three fields [R, G, B] and nothing happened. My Adobe Photoshop accepts the values. In your case, since the error only appears when you enter the value in R, just try moving the slider next to R and slide it to the end instead of typing the value. This way you will see the value it accepts because as you move the slider you will see the numeric equivalent in the field and it goes higher as you move the slider.

If you are not satisfied with this, try reinstalling Adobe. This will restore it to default.

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