How to configure the gimp front panel?

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Hello techyv,

How to configure the gimp front panel? I would like the GIMP to use another language, where can I find this feature or setting? I have to make some changes as of the moment. Please do share with me your experiences with GIMP front panel application. Using Windows 7 Os.

Expecting some help from you guys. Thank you.

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How to configure the gimp front panel?



You can't change anything in front panel except layout of buttons, and you do that by using drag and drop method. If you want to change language I recommend that you install gimp version with language pack you want, but also there is a method to change language without reinstalling.

Go to Control Panel ->System -> Advanced -> click "Environment" button In "System Variables" area then click  Add. Now enter LANG, make one space, and then enter language you want, for example fr for France, en for England etc. Confirm 3 times and that's it.

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