What is a control file share by software?

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Hi experts!

I know that P2P file sharing is the easiest way to receive shared files but also I know that it can be risky for my personal files and you are not protected against viruses. How can I protect my computer and data from this? Is there such a thing as a control file share by software?

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What is a control file share by software?


Hi Nicklausrashawn,

When you use P2P file-sharing software you expose your PC and data to viruses.  It is only when you understand the underlying risks that you get to institute measures that will sufficiently protect your data. First and foremost you need to install reliable anti-virus software to boost your security. Secondly, limit what you share on the P2P software and back it up on external drives to reduce chances of losing your data incase the PC crashes. Finally, you need to understand the internet file-sharing policies (or a site’s specific file-sharing policies). Ensure that no loopholes exist in such.

Control file by software exists. There are numerous such software over the internet. However, be careful since the code embedded in this software could potentially be harmful. It can be used to add more malware to your PC or worse still steal your data.

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What is a control file share by software?


If you are worried about acquiring a virus because of P2P file sharing, you don’t have to because it is not the only means why a computer acquires a virus. Even going online or visiting a website is also dangerous. But even if this is the case, this should not limit you from sharing your content to others on the internet.

There are means to protect your machine from getting infected. If you frequently download stuffs from the internet, always make sure your computer has an antivirus installed and is always up-to-date. If you don’t have a regular internet connection, always try to update your antivirus manually every time you go online to keep the security program’s virus signature database updated.

Whatever it is you download, always scan it with your antivirus the instance the download completes. Avoid visiting unknown websites because there are times these websites send bad traffic to your computer. If you are just using an antivirus, your computer will not be able to detect this bad traffic. It can only be detected by an internet security program.

Bad traffic can be a way to test your computer for open ports.

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