Android Eclipse Error Message Always Appear

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Every time I opened my Android Eclipse Application, Error Message Always Appear. I already uninstall and install again my Android Eclipse Application but the same error message always appears. What are the possible solutions regarding to this problem?

No compatible target found. Add new Android Virtual Device

Android AVD Error

No compatible targets were found. Do you wish to a add new Android Virtual Device?

Yes No

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Android Eclipse Error Message Always Appear


If this is the first time that this happens on your program or it’s a new installation, try restarting your computer then try it again. But if it still doesn’t work, check first the Help section of the program on how to properly use the application and you may also find there its system specifications. Checking the system specifications of the application will help you in determining any incompatibility issue that might arise after the installation.

If after evaluating your system your machine is fit to install and run the application then there is probably some other problems that causes the program to not work. You may try reinstalling the application. Uninstall Android Eclipse then restart your machine if the system requests it.

After booting, check your computer for any possible errors. Use a disk utility application to check the system. Install the application again after this and then see if it works.

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