What changes have come in webhosting through out the years?

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Hi everyone,

As we all know,web hosting industry is ten plus years old in the market,i would like someone to draft  the changes which have been noticed in webhosting through out the years?Please point out the comparison in web hosting in terms of  quality of service,storage,reliability and price charging now and ten years ago.


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What changes have come in webhosting through out the years?


Web hosting has indeed come a long way. To be able to track down its humble beginning, let us put each history into order.

·         1962 – It actually started with an idea of networking when Licklider visualized the concept of interconnected computers being able to share information and resources.

·         1966 – Roberts developed ARPANET, the first ever wide area network capable of operational packet switching.

·         1969 – 4 universities in the US were able to successfully link their computers, making each computer as a host.

·         1970s – The birth of TELNET which is the first commercial Internet service provider. TCP has also been split into TCP/IP.

·         1980s – Rapid development of TCP/IP and introduction of DNS.

·         1990s – the birth of World Wide Web and thus, web hosting.

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