What can I do to protect myself on public wi-fi?

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I use public wi-fi a lot, especially when I travel. Are there any steps I can take to protect myself against someone stealing my information? I do some sensitive work and I'm concerned about what someone can "steal" if I am on public wi-fi. Any tips are appreciated. Thank you.

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What can I do to protect myself on public wi-fi?

You can follow these strategies in order to stay safe on a public Wi Fi network connection,
  1. Keeping antivirus and anti spyware software up to date with latest versions installed
  2. Keeping the device firewall always turned on
  3. Avoiding from updating software by using public connections
  4. Using strong passwords that are difficult to be guessed
  5. Never using the same password for multiple accounts
  6. Signing out from any account after each log in
  7. Disabling the Wi Fi access when not using it
  8. Turning off file sharing settings

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