What can I do with MS Excel?

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I have not any idea in MS Excel. Please tell me quickly.

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What can I do with MS Excel?


A brief Idea about Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a  program that analyzes, organizes and solves information. It’s most powerful features are the ability to create formula, list, chart and so on. 

Formulas are instructions that perform calculations on values in a worksheet. A formula starts with an equal sign (=). Formulas can be written in the formula bar as well as in a cell(s).  
After you press Enter or move down, the formula will calculate the value.
Definitions and Commonly Used Functions
“Functions are predefined formulas that perform calculations by using specific values, called arguments, in a particular order, or structure. Functions can be used to perform simple or complex calculations. ” 
Common functions include Auto-sum, average (arithmetic mean), sum, minimum, maximum, 
and standard deviation.
Auto-Sum uses different formulas to calculate results in a specific cell. 
How Auto-Sum works:
1. Click in a specific cell where result will appear 
2. Click Auto-Sum button and choose the formula you want to use:  (Sum, Average, Count, Max, Min, or More Functions) 
3. Excel proposes a formula on a selected group of cells (a blinking marquee surrounds the selected cells) If it is correct, press either the Enter key or the Auto-Sum button. 
4. If not correct, select a different range by dragging until the correct cells are selected. Array “Collection of items operated on collectively or individually. ” Arrays are enclosed in { }brackets.
I think this will give you a brief idea about Excel. 


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What can I do with MS Excel?


MS Excel is a powerful featured spreadsheet program which you can use to analyze, organize, manipulate and present especially the numerical data in more professional way. Excel mainly enables you to:

  1. Enter, analyze, and manipulate the data
  2. Use as a database to easily compare, sort and manage the data
  3. Graphically present the data in different chart types which the viewer can understand easily

Spreadsheet is made up of cells arranged in rows and columns. Cells carry values. The values may be numerical data or text. The relationships between cells are called formulas.

MS Excel is widely used for complicated calculations using formulas or functions (pre-defined formulas)

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