What is c code for token in programming?

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What are the types of Token on C Programming? How can I use those token and what are the major functions of each one? Please tell me more about it and kindly send me a brief description about each token and how can I input it on my C Program? Thanks.


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What is c code for token in programming?



When we say token in programming language, we are talking about a single element. It is a string of characters that we used in programming. It is actually the smallest set of program that programmers use.

There are six C tokens that programmer’s use: these are the Keywords, Identifiers, separators, literals, comments and operators.

Now, C programming is a small size, general purpose programming language that is developed by Ken Thompson in 1970’s. This is the programming language that c++ was based and eventually Java. Unlike C, Java in a high level language.

Here is a link to a pdf file that will thoroughly guide you with the C programming. Good luck!


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What is c code for token in programming?



Tokens in the C are the smallest unit. It is called the basic building blocks. Basic elements of C programming.

There are 6 types of token in C language. Below are the list.

  • Keywords: Keywords are identifiers having predefined meanings
  • Identifiers: These tokens name functions, variables, constants, and types
  • Constants: These token defines constant values e.g. 10, 55
  • Strings : strings e.g. "Hello"
  • Special symbols  (e.g.: (), {}),
  • Operators              (e.g.: +, /,-,*)


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