Which one is better an iPhone or an iPod ?

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Which one is better, an iPod or an iPhone ?


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Which one is better an iPhone or an iPod ?


Good Day Rashel,

IPhone and iPod are both products of Apple. However, they are different gadgets / devices. iPhone is simply a smart phone which is capable of calling, SMS messaging, can surf Internet through WIFI, play music, save photos, camera, can store eBooks, and play videos. While iPod is more multimedia based like (music, photos, etc.).

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Which one is better an iPhone or an iPod ?


The iPod is a combination of a hard drive and of a portable media player created by Apple Computer. It’s amazing to know that the original version of this device was just the size of a deck of ordinary playing cards which has a monochrome display and a 5 GB storage capacity. Recent versions of this device nowadays already have colored screen displays and are already capable of playing videos, movies, as well as TV shows uploaded from a computer with up to 60 GB of storage capacity. See also SearchMobileComputing | Definition – iPod for other important information.

An iPhone on the other hand, is a combination of different devices like the digital camera, the iPod, the tablet PC, and most importantly the mobile phone all rolled into one. This was created by Apple. This device is capable of connecting to the internet and can also start network connections using the Bluetooth technology. This device is only 11.6 mm thick but wider and longer than other similar devices. It has the following networking features:

  • Automatically detects Wi-Fi networks within the coverage of the device.
  • Supports 802.11b, and 802.11g standards.
  • Capable of using SIM cards and quadband GSM for accessing cellular networks.
  • Supports EDGE for high-speed data transfer if it is available.
  • Able to connect using the Bluetooth technology for short-range networking with other iPhones, computers, and supported peripherals.

For more information, visit SearchMobileComputing | Definition – iPhone.

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