The iPhone “Fantastic4” cannot be restored at this time

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Hi TechyV Guys,

I tried to update iOS 5 and received an error message. It is indicating something non-availability of the update server.

However, after sometime I tried and received the same error message.

I do not know the reason behind it.

Please help me to solve this issue.


The iPhone “Fantastic4” cannot be restored at this time because the iPhone software update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable.

Please try again later.

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The iPhone “Fantastic4” cannot be restored at this time


Greetings Ms. Janice,


Here are several cause that may be the source of your problem on updating your iOs :

  1. You are trying to update an iOS without an internet connection. Itunes need to be connected to the internet until the upgrade process completed.
  2. You have changed the Apple IP server on your computer, so when the iTunes need to check on the server, it failed.
  3. You are trying to update without a stable internet connection, it needs about 700 MB of data to upgrade an iOS firmware.

Some Solutions i can provide, based on the source of the problem above are:

  1. Connect your Computer to a good and stable internet.
  2. Reinstall your iTunes program to reset the server location.
  3. Try to update your iPhone with other computer.

Hope this help.



Stonjhon Llison

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