What is the best ed2k links driver application?

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I need your help to decide about an important driver application. I need to use ed2k link driver application. I'm not sure which one is comparatively better and why? Please, tell me in details about it.


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What is the best ed2k links driver application?


Hi Peng,

SharkX v1.6

The best ed2k link driver application is the Shark X, it is the most advanced and the most reliable ed2k link driver application. It is an advanced and the official eMule mod which is actually an open source client based. This software offers so many additional features to its users in all the aspects that it is put to use. One of the added advantages is that it comes in two language packs, it can be either in English or even Italian.

The other useful point is that it offers high upload bandwidth to the users. The parts spread mechanism is very advanced and high in the software. It also provides a mechanism called the lechers detection mechanism. The software works in such a way that it provides minimum CPU and also Ram usage, so the system will perform at its max. It handles advanced traffic and also provides faster and quick end game which is the anti hiding OS.

From all the above I would say, you have to go for Shark X, which is the best ed2k link driver application.

Bell Keny

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