How can I install Helicon Ape in a Windows server?

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I bought web hosting space running Windows server. I wanted to introduce Apache services on the server for my websites which are basically PHP & MySQL. How can I install Helicon Ape into the server basically for my hosting? Are there any other environments that one can install for PHP hosting environment that would serve me better than Helicon Ape? Thanks.

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How can I install Helicon Ape in a Windows server?



In order to install this application onto your server you need to run only one command:  msiexec /i HeliconApeXXXX.msi /qn AcceptEULA=Yes REGISTRATIONCODE=Code REGISTRATIONNAME=Name.

“HeliconApeXXXX.msi” is the name of the package that you want to install.  Also, “AcceptEULA=Yes” indicates that you accept EULA.  If you want to uninstall this software, simply run this command: msiexec /x HeliconApeXXXX.msi /qn KEEPUSERFILES=Yes.

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