Norton or AVG: Which Anti virus is better?

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I used different kinds of Antivirus in my computer but I am not satisfied. I reinstalled it and now I am looking for the best one. Can you help me to decide which is better between Norton and AVG. For AVG the advantage is that it is free in the internet, free download so I will not be using $$ to have it. Unlike with Norton that I have to buy it in store.

But this is really not that big deal, the important thing is what is the best among these two Antivirus. Which one do you prefer guys?


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Norton or AVG: Which Anti virus is better?


Good Day! Campbell,

Antivirus in our computer is very important. This defends your computer from various viruses, Trojans, worms, Malware, etc. Virus in computers are like infections to human, it spreads all over the body, infecting and destroying every vulnerable part of our body.

Regarding your question on which Antivirus is better, I will give you a detailed comparison for the two Anti viruses.

The First Category is

The Winner is AVG Antivirus based on the score. Norton offered slightly better real time virus protection and manual virus scanning, but AVG got to steal the lead with better USB virus scanning, and Antivirus updates. This category really shows that AVG out performs Norton on Antivirus updates, there is just a slight difference on other aspects.

Proceeding to the Secondary Category:

The winner is Norton Antivirus Norton Antivirus was able to offer more web protection, chat and IM virus protection than AVG. Norton wins the second category

Lets now go to the Final Category:

The winner is AVG Antivirus. The general usability can change the user's experience drastically, in this test AVG Antivirus shows us how easy and user friendly its interface is, easier to look at, easier navigation, easier to use unlike the Norton Antivirus.

Also if you are interested i have researched and took a look at some free Antivirus and as a result I can give you a top ten list
TOP 10: Spyware Doctor With Antivirus
TOP 9: PC Tools Antivirus
TOP 8: Rising Antivirus
TOP 7: A-Squared Free Antivirus
TOP 6: Comodo Antivirus+Firewall
TOP 5: Avira Antivirus Personal
TOP 4: Bitdefender
TOP 3: AVG Antivirus
TOP 2: Avast Free Antivirus
TOP 1: Microsoft Security Essentials.

I hope this helps


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Norton or AVG: Which Anti virus is better?


For me, AVG is best than Norton, and one thing is for sure. It's free to use and it helps your PC to keep it protective.

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