What are those computer viruses that really harm the CPU?

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I find it hard to notice the viruses that really harm my computer. My computer was recently reformatted because of the virus that I haven't noticed. The compilation of the unified list of viruses is made difficult because of naming.

Can someone let me know about the computer viruses?

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What are those computer viruses that really harm the CPU?


Hi Asker,

A computer virus is a program, or allotment of code, that is accounting to baffle with, and harm, your machine.

A virus can carbon itself, advance to added computers, and advance added program on your computer. (By attack, we beggarly change or annul files.)

Computer experts analyze amid a virus, a worm, and a Trojan. These are the differences of the three of them.

  1. (Virus) – Can carbon and advance to added computers. Also attacks added program.
  2. (Worm) – A appropriate blazon of virus that can carbon and spread, but about doesn't advance added program.
  3. (Trojan) – Doesn't replicate, but can spread. Doesn't advance added program. Usually aloof a way of recording and advertisement what you do on your PC

But you can prevent this entire using antivirus. There are a lot of kind of antivirus some of them you can download for free. If you really want to protect your pc you can buy an ultimate antivirus costing around 99 to 150USD$. This would help. Thanks, 

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What are those computer viruses that really harm the CPU?


Every time you go online and surf the net you are exposed to millions and millions of crawling viruses. So if you are a frequent online surfer, don’t go online if your computer doesn’t have an antivirus running.

A computer Virus is a kind of program that attaches itself to other executable files. It replicates every time it finds a clean executable file.

Its effects on the computer are noticeable like slowness, message popping up from nowhere, an image will just display, delete files, eat your hard drive’s free space, and so on.

It is really intended to do harm on all the data it finds. And there are viruses that already can affect even the hardware.

Trojan is like a horse that jumps anywhere. It can penetrate to your computer without being noticed. And also hides perfectly. There are Trojans that replicate and there are others that are not.

Examples of Trojans that do not replicate are those used in manipulated software, serials and generators. You thought that they are clean files.

Yes, there are some that are really clean when created. But most of them really are not. Sometimes, the manipulated software or the generator itself is the actual virus. Trojans are also used in creating manipulating tools.

A virus that eats hard drive space is called a Worm. They have many names. Most often, they hide and spread in the System Volume Information of every drive. It lives there and fattens itself.

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