What Are The Different Internet Connection Options Setup At Home?

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Hello experts,
I want to setup internet connection at my home. There are many users at my home. Please provide me some internet connection options which are implementing with no trouble. Thanks in advance for the help.

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What Are The Different Internet Connection Options Setup At Home?


You can setup internet connections in two ways.
1. Through the internet cable.

2. Set up, the DSL connection.

Through the internet cable.
First, you need to plug-in the wire modem to your computer. Then put the cable modem into the wall socket. Plug the line’s modem cord. It will take 30-60 seconds to turn on the modem.

After it tests the connection.

Setting up DSL connection

First, you need to connect your DSL modem and computer. Then connect the modem to the wall socket. Then log-on into the modem administrative and sign-in with our DSL account. Save your setting and test the connection.

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What Are The Different Internet Connection Options Setup At Home?


For home users, there are two possible ways how to setup your home internet: one, sign up for a wired internet plan like DSL or fiber, and two, sign up for a wireless broadband internet like 4G LTE. Both internet plans are fast, no doubt about it but there is a slight difference in terms of stability.

Three-antenna Wi-Fi router

If you want a reliable and stable internet connection, go for wired internet. Now, in wired internet, you have two options: either DSL or fiber optics. Both are stable and fast. They just differ in speed and cost. DSL is fast and can expect a stable connection. There are no ups and downs on the connection’s speed. The same with fiber, you can expect a reliable constant speed.

For the speed, fiber is extremely fast compared to DSL and it is also too expensive than DSL. Both internet plans run on telephone lines. If your area has telephone lines, expect that you are covered by DSL internet. For fiber, you need to ask first your Internet Service Provider if your area is covered before you can sign up for a fiber plan.

For wireless broadband internet plan like 4G LTE, connection is fast but very unstable. Speed is variable because it relies on wireless connection. To have the best possible speed, your outdoor LTE antenna should be facing the nearest cell site. Also, frequent connection down times should be expected. In my experience, I encountered multiple down times on the LTE service in a week.

If you want your home network to support multiple devices like Smartphones and desktop computers, use a Wi-Fi router that can accommodate the number of devices in your household. My Wi-Fi router can only support up to five devices including the computer I’m using. There are ones that can support more.

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