Siri’s Speech Recognition Lacks Security

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Siri is a speech-recognition application found in all iPhone 4S smartphones. This is a software and not an application, because you cannot download it just like other Apps on your phone. You cannot see an icon of this on your screen, but rather a button that you press to activate it. With this kind of setup, it seems that iPhone 4S found its first security issue with Siri.

You can send messages and emails even with your phone locked. No passcode needed to activate it. Is there any way this problem could be avoided?


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Siri’s Speech Recognition Lacks Security


Hi Miguel,

In the information and communication technology, a lot of innovation and advancement is being done day in and day out.

The latest being speech recognition. But security of these mechanisms matters a lot, for people have to protect the confidential and private information. So siri should not be the exception. I believe its developer had in mind the aspect of security for its users when developing the application, and therefore there should be a way that you as a user of that application can authenticate yourself before you start using it. Otherwise it will be the biggest security breech when anyone can use the application as they want as people can use it against you.

So, though I have not used that application myself, I believe when you contact the iPhone support staff they will help you on how to activate the siri security feature on your phone.


Lee Hung.

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