What are the solutions to ftp force attack problems?

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What makes or its causes to FTP force attack when transferring files/data on the web that shows an error.

Is there any other way to solve and fix it?

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What are the solutions to ftp force attack problems?


Hi John Sappington,

There is a way to solve your issue but the force attacks are still annoying. 
It is a most common threat to the SSH daemon. 
It is directory based and brutally force attacks to its default TCP port 22. 
You have to change the port number 22 to 2022 
Change the port number to sshd_config file. 
SSH daemon.
It’ll partially stop these kinds of fierce attacks and you can do your work. 
If you want to stop the most sophisticated attacks then you should download this software “DenyHost”. 
It’ll parse log files for repeated failed attempts and it’ll block connections. 
You can also stop attacks on the firewall without wasting of server resources which will run additional programs. 
I hope you’ll get a new way to solve your problem with this solution.
Good Luck! 
Johnstoon Leen

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