What are the skills and competencies?

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I am looking for any ideas about the types of skills and competencies that are needed by the staff that is effectively using information? 

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What are the skills and competencies?


Hello Ronald Luna,

I am happy to inform you that you have asked an important question. Actually there are two types of skills. First one is intellectual skills and second one is physical skills.

Human being gets some skills by born and some are gained by education, training and experiences. Some skills are very much unique that will give you opportunity to present yourself brightly.

Those skills can’t be copied by other and that’s why you can use those skills properly. You wanted to know what type of skills are needed by a staff to use information effectively. First thing is that, in an organization there are two types of people.

One kind of employee works physically and another type of employee works by their intelligence on the basis of information. So information is mostly used by the higher position employees.

So finally, the intellectual skill is needed to use the information effectively.


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