What are the odds of removing laptop clock

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Hi I have a Compaq 61 laptop and I want remove the clock to restore an unknown password.

Will this affect other functions of the laptop?

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What are the odds of removing laptop clock


Hello Rochelle,

I have read your concern regarding Compaq 61 laptop clock. As what I’ve understood with your question, you want to know if there will be negative effects if you will be removing the laptop clock. Is it right?

Laptop clock is an essential component in your computer. It tells you that time-sellers are updating when it continually run but if your clock shows late, it means that the clock is unable to be updated even manual changes were done. Once a laptop clock is removed, there will be harmful effects on your program but mostly has issues on updates and you are more prone for infections.

When removing the battery, make sure that you do not touch or affect other unit because it may cause grounding and static. Once grounded, you are prone for electrocution and even destroy entire motherboard.

And when you wish to put it back on the laptop, make sure that you place it properly on the space provided because if it not properly attached, it will not register there for causing system not to update time.

I hope I am in the right track of understanding your concern and give you a hand to fix the problem.

I hope this information is of good help.

Good Luck!



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What are the odds of removing laptop clock


When you say removing the clock do you mean to say remove the CMOS battery to reset the BIOS and all the rest of the computer settings?

If that is the case then yes other functions will be affected since the computer will be set back to default values and custom changes that were changed to be able to do certain functions may be set differently.

Therefore if you are planning to do that make sure you know what settings need to be reset so that after doing so you can change the computer back to how it was before you did it.

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