Cable television and main functions used in operation

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I would like to know more about cable television. What is the use and or purpose of Interactive Program or Menu Guide? What is the meaning of “dB” and “dBmV”? What is and amplifier? What is the radio frequency in cable television? I’ve heard that there are several cable companies that provides recordable cable boxes? Can we transfer movies from it? Does it have USB? Can you provide me samples of company that offers this kind of services?

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Cable television and main functions used in operation


Hello Brenda!

The use of Interactive Program Menu Guide (IPM) in most cable providers is that it will provide you complete list of programs in each network. It can also show you the future network scheduled programs. “dB” means decibel, measurement of ratio for two power or voltage levels. “dBmV” this is referred to as decibel millivolt. Amplifier is a device to raise and improve the output signal. The regular frequency for normal television is 76-88 Mhz. There are several companies that offers recordable boxes. In U.S., Comcast, Fios, and Direct tv are the most commonly known cable providers that offers recordable boxes. We can download and save the movies in the boxes. However, USB ports in these boxes were disabled to avoid plagiarism. 

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