Which cable is better for networking, Co-axial cable or Twisted pair cable?

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Both Co-axial and Twisted pair cable are available in the market. While connecting the cable Co-axial costs more than Twisted pair cable. I have used Co-axial cable but my internet speed is slow. Which of these cable gives better performance on networking and which cable provides more Internet Speed? Please give some suitable answers. 

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Which cable is better for networking, Co-axial cable or Twisted pair cable?


Hello Tyrone!

I would like to provide you expert insight with the differences with Coaxial and Twisted Pair. I worked for cable-provider company that provides bundled services. Our customers are complaining that their internet is so slow.

I checked and went around many research about this. Let’s start. Coaxial is mainly used for video and audio format. Coaxial cables do have shielding or covering that prevents microwave signals, electromagnetic pulses and other signals that may interfere with your signals. Can handle signal strength of 10 Mhz on networks. Coaxial can be a little secured when it comes to security features because of it’s closed circuit structure and avoid signal interferences with other devices.

On the other hand, twisted pair cables are used in transmitting data for internet. That is the intention, it can handle video and audio signal also with the help of modem. However the signal strength that can be transmitted with this cable is ranging from 100 Mhz to 200Mhz depending on the cable if shielded or unshielded. Twisted pair is tend to interfere with other devices.

The answer to your question is that twisted pair is a lot faster and stronger than coaxial. Other improvements to twisted pair where induced by adding shielding to avoid interferences with other devices.

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