What are fundamental stages of Data Warehousing

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Hi guys,

I am facing few problem and I want to share then with all of you may be anyone can help me in this case what are fundamental stages of Data Warehousing? Also tell me that what Virtual Data Warehousing.

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What are fundamental stages of Data Warehousing


Hi my name is Rizwan.

Stages of a data warehouse are helpful to find and understand how the data in the warehouse changes. At an initial stage of data warehousing data of the transactions is merely copied to another server. Here, even if the copied data is processed for reporting, the source data’s performance won’t be affected.

In the next evolving stage, the data in the warehouse is updated regularly using the source data. In Real time Data warehouse stage data in the warehouse is updated for every transaction performed on the source data (E. g. booking a ticket).

When the warehouse is at integrated stage, It not only updates data as and when a transaction is performed but also generates transactions which are passed back to the source online data.

Virtual Data Warehousing. A virtual data warehouse provides a compact view of the data inventory. It contains Meta data. It uses middleware to build connections to different data sources. They can be fast as they allow users to filter the most important pieces of data from different legacy applications.

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