What are the differences between a “gaming” computer and a “working” computer?

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I'm looking at buying a new laptop at somepoint and I don't know if it is necessary for me to get a gaming computer to be able to enjoy games like Fate, WOW, and Sims 3. If I don't get a gaming computer, will my normal computer be able to handle games like these? What will be the quality differences in game performance? Conversely, if I do get a gaming computer, how will that be different as far as work is concerned? Will there be any notable differences in computer performance when it comes to working tasks?


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What are the differences between a “gaming” computer and a “working” computer?


Work computers can also be use for gaming and vice-versa. However, for serious gamers like me, there are some configurations, settings, and specifications that we prefer to maximize our gaming experience. Thus the following are the differences between work and gaming computers:

  1. Gamers don’t use much Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint thus although a gaming computer may have those applications installed they are not much of importance.
  2. Gaming computers are almost always desktops. Unlike laptops where the specifications can be limited, desktops can be tweaked, and even assembled according to the gamers’ preferred system.
  3. Work computers may be up to date, however, unlike gaming computers whose graphics are really important, work computers can be use even if the graphics installed to it are not that sophisticated.
  4. Sound system. Work computers can be use just for listening to music, watching videos, presentations, thus the sound system can be just a regular speaker however with gaming computers the more sophisticated the sound system connected to the desktop the better!
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What are the differences between a “gaming” computer and a “working” computer?


Hi there ,

I think you need help in differentiating and buying a PC, Gaming Laptop or Working . 

The answer is simple if you have enough money and not concerned about the budget go for the high end gaming PC.

You can work, Play high end graphic oriented games and develop and use 3D movies, Animations and other graphic designing more easily and in much faster.

But in working PC you won't be having a graphic card . That won't be any harm .

You can play games and work but you won't be able to put your games to full throttle.

But still you can play though.

So I conclude : If you have money go for gaming or else buy a normal one.

Good luck.

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