What are the cool desktop features of Windows 7?

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I am organizing my desktop. I would like to know what are the cool desktop features of Windows 7 you have installed.


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What are the cool desktop features of Windows 7?


The 10 coolest feature of Windows 7 desktop is the following;

1. Aero Peek – If you have many windows open and you want to see a certain windows you just have to hover your mouse on its icon on the taskbar and the window will be shown and the other windows will turn to transparent.

2. Home Group – You can now share your photos, videos, music and documents from a specific network.

3. Media Streaming – You can now play or stream music or video on your PC from a PC that is connected to your network. This feature is also connected with the Homegroup Function

4. Play to – you can now send music or video from your PC to other PC that is connected to your network or home group. It can be played using a remote window from your PC that will command which will be played on your groups PC

5. Aero Snap – this feature automatically resizes the window that you are dragging from the edges of your desktop you don't have to make your own adjustment windows will automatically adjust your windows depending on how you want it by placing the mouse on the edge of the desktop at the same time dragging the window.

6. Jump List – it provides you a list on the start menu of the most frequent or recent programs that you open. It also shows the recent items that your application has interacted with.

7. Extra Ordinary Desktop Background – Windows Desktop has backgrounds that can capture your eye. Backgrounds that are colorful and fun to look at, this background is created by the artist and was dedicated on windows 7 only.

8. Libraries – Windows added this feature so you can classify each file on where they will be categorized, it is useful for organizing your files so in the future you will know where you put them.

9. Taskbar Peek – if you have to open multiple windows for a single application. Windows 7 offers a thumbnail of the windows along with its picture. 

10. WMP Taskbar Control – Windows 7 lets you control your windows media player on your taskbar by showing a Backwar, Play and Forward Button. This button are exclusive to WMP, you don't have to maximize your WMP windows just to control it.

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