What are biometric sensors? Using biometric sensors…

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What is biometric sensor? Could your body log you into an e-mail account using the biometric sensor? Can users login to websites via biometric authentication? Is biometric authentication relatively reliable and secure? Will the users be able to login with different sites by using biometric sensors?

Will biometric sensors rule in the days to come?

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What are biometric sensors? Using biometric sensors…


Biometrics is a term that refers to metrics that are associated to human characteristics. A biometric sensor is a transducer that enables a biometric treat of a person like voice, fingerprint, face, and others to be converted into an electrical signal. Usually, the sensor measures or reads light, pressure, temperature, speed, electrical capacity and or other kinds of energies. A biometric device is a system where the biometric sensor is integrated or built-in to.

To be able to use a biometric measurement for authentication, a special hardware needs to be used to scan a user’s body part. A biometric sensor can be any technology. It can be a microphone for capturing the voice. It can also be a high definition camera for facial recognition. Biometrics authentication or what they call realistic authentication is used in computer science as a kind of access control and identification.

An example of the application of biometrics authentication is at Walt Disney World located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. They take biometric measurements from the fingers of guests to verify that a ticket is used by only one person every day. See image.

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