What are the benefits of Database management system ?

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What are the benefits of Database management system ?


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What are the benefits of Database management system ?


The database management systems (DBMS) are actually warehouses where large amount of data can be stored retrieved and manipulated to get useful information. For instance in commercial applications inventory data, personnel data, etc can be managed using any database management system.

A number of benefits exist to use database management system:

Multiple and concurrent usage:
The database can be used simultaneously by a number of users. Authorized users can easily access the required data and can modify, as per the assigned privileges.
Data Security
No access to unauthorized person which is the main security provided by the DBMS. The data is stored in encrypted format by the DBMS, so secured from spam attacks.
Different privileges can be given to different users. For example, some users can edit the database, but are not allowed to delete the contents of the database.
Data Consistency
Data consistency guarantees a reliable view of data to every user. It includes the accuracy, validity and integrity of related data. The data in the database must satisfy certain consistency constraints, for view, update and deleting the data from the database. These constraints are verified by the database systems before processing.

Widely used database management systems are relational database management system (RDBMS) for example MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and etc. The most important advantage of database management systems is the systematic storage of data, by maintaining the relationship between the data members. The data is stored as tuples in a RDBMS.

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What are the benefits of Database management system ?


A Database management system is a set of programs that controls the creation, maintenance and use of the database and its end users. The integrity and security of the data stored in database can be increased, since access to data and modification of the database are controlled by DBMS software, data dictionary and database administrator function.

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