What are the autorun boot USB XP softwares?

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Hello there! May I ask some Autorunboot USB XP software's? I need to install it because my USB has lots of viruses. Please help me. Thank you so much!

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What are the autorun boot USB XP softwares?


The software you are asking for does not clean disks off viruses. You need to install antivirus. There are several free antiviruses such as Avast. However for the sake of Making USB bootable, if that is what you meant, there are several softwares that will help you do that.


  • Make USB bootable in a virus free computer
  • backup all the files in the drive since it will get formatted
  • Ensure you have the right copy of the OS



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What are the autorun boot USB XP softwares?


Your question sound so confusing. Are you looking for Autorun boot USB software or a fix to remove the viruses on your USB? Booting from a bootable USB drive on XP will allow the administrator of the computer to bypass the MBR or the Master Boot Record. This can be perform when you boot from an alternative device. I think you are looking for a software that can help you remove the viruses on your USB which you can boot from the USB drive and run it on your computer.

To remove the viruses on your USB stick, you need to ensure that your computer can boot from a USB stick and it has at least 1GB capacity and an internet connection. Download and run Yumi software. There is no need to install it. Download your selected bootable antivirus software and then integrate it with Yumi. For more information, click the link below:


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What are the autorun boot USB XP softwares?


I really don’t rely on USB flash drive programs that checks for viruses. I’m all familiar with this kind of problem because I, too, was a victim of this kind of viruses that infects USB flash drives. There is one program I used before that came from an internet shop. I don’t usually go to an internet shop because I have my own computer at home and I only go to it when I’m out. They said in the shop that they’ll only going to scan my flash drive for viruses but unknowingly when I reached home I realized that they have copied a program on my flash drive.

It’s the same program that checks flash drive for viruses. Of course, I tried it on my computer since my antivirus didn’t give an alert when I scanned the file. It’s actually an installer. When I installed it on my computer I learned that it’s actually a scanner for USB flash drive and floppy disk drive and it’s quite unusual because the flash drive keeps getting read and doesn’t stop and the same goes to my floppy disk drive, since I also still have it on my computer that time.

This kind of program doesn’t always help and will only make your computer slower because it adds more processes to the system because of the frequent drive accesses it performs. After months of finding a way of protecting my computer from infected USB flash drives, I finally found a solution. The best way to prevent any infection on the computer that might originate from any external drives or discs is to disable autorun on all drives. Here’s how you can disable autorun on your computer:

  • Click Start then Run. Enter without double quotes “gpedit.msc” then hit Enter.
  • In Group Policy window, under Local Computer Policy and Computer Configuration, go to Administrative Templates, System then on the right side of the window double-click “Turn off Autoplay”.
  • In Setting tab, select Enable then in “Turn off Autoplay on”, choose “All drives”.
  • Click Apply and then OK. Restart your computer if necessary.

This method also prevents the CD/DVD drive from autoplaying. If your disc needs autoplaying, simply right-click on the CD/DVD drive after inserting the disc and then select “Autoplay”.

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What are the autorun boot USB XP softwares?


Before surfing your comments, I have tried to solve this problem but I faced obstacles at every step. So, I am seeking help from the Techyv experts, at last I have got that. All of your comments were useful, although Sharaths’ comment exclusively incredible for its extraordinary information which was not mentioned by anyone in their comment and it is really worth remembering. Your comment point out how we can get this problem as well your practical experience attracted me most, also helps to be aware of this situation. Your provided disable Autorun system was very free and easy, by applying this process now I am able to disable my Autorun system. Sharath, you are so very genius and I’d really appreciated your comments. It is possible that a techyv site is a leading site in the modern era. Thanks Sharath, for your respective help.

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