What is alternative to limewire?

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Hello guys,

I have this LimeWire installed in my computer, but sadly it won't allow me to download files anymore.

I just want to ask if there is any alternative software that is similar to LimeWire.

I really need it cause I want to download bunch of songs for our dance.

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What is alternative to limewire?


Since Limewire is not working anymore, you can try the following as an alternative:

1. RapidShare – It allows the user to upload files and then send a download link to other user. Free user can upload files of up to 500MB with 15-minute wait time for downloading. There is a RapidPro service which runs for $8 a month and has a 50 GB storage and 2 GB uploads. There is no waiting time for this version.

2. ShareAZA –  A free software that will let you download any type of files.

3. Ares – A free open source program that lets the user share images, audio, video, software, documents and more.

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What is alternative to limewire?



Yes you will have so many other file sharing software if you like to use.

I will give you the link which containing the best 10 file sharing free software.

Go through it select one you would like to have.

You can download mp3 songs without downloading any software since it is online based.

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What is alternative to limewire?


Hi Good Day!

This is the best solution to your simple problem.

Yes, there is an alternative to LimeWire. Just go to this address, when you open the page, just like LimeWire you need to click download and install it.

It is so easy, its an open source of music,videos,files,chatting etc. and anything you want is COMPLETELY FREE and it has a fast downloading speed.

Here's a great fact:

Frost Wire now finds single files that match your searches and Frost Wire learns as you use it to deliver instant single file search results.

Download, Install,Explore and now your problem will be solved!

Please see the image below and it really looks like a LimeWire once you have installed it to your computer.

Good Luck and God Bless!



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What is alternative to limewire?


I accidentally bumped to this thread and having the same problem.

Thanks, Jhon Abbott for giving various links

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