What is all about treeview 32bit icon?

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Hi guys,

What is all about treeview 32bit icon? Tell me more about this matter so that I will be able to know and report it very well in our class next week. I am not that good in researching and I saw your website from the internet. I know you can help me about technical and software issues.

Expecting some help, thank you.

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What is all about treeview 32bit icon?


The TreeView is a graphical user interface element that shows information in hierarchical form. It may have many branches or nodes and each of these branches or nodes may have some sub items. TreeViews are generally seen in file manager applications. It is available both for MAC and Windows. In Windows TreeView has two versions, 16 bit (Win16) and 32 bits (Win32). The 32 bit icons are stored as the file TREEV32.ZIP.

You need to extract this file to any temporary folder or directory. In the destination the file should be named as SETUP.EXE. This program will be installed TREEVIEW for Win32 on your PC.

If you have Windows 95 the installation process will add TREEVIEW in your registry and the files with the extension. TRE will get the TREEVIEW document icon when viewed with Explorer. This also has Uninstall feature of Windows 95 and you can remove TREEVIEW icon from your PC by using the Add/Remove Programs feature of the control panel. This was a short overview of TreeView 32 bit icons. For more details read :

TreeView PDF



Hope the information will be useful for your next class.

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What is all about treeview 32bit icon?



Treeview 32 bit icon used to display pictures in website using function load with icon from ico files when in the process of writing extended functions with the help of tree view which is useful component. image color and its properties are mentioned to choose an icon from icon list and add method is called while sending message of user in translation.

Hope these shall help you.


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