What is all about outlook agenda Plugins?

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Hi guys,

What is all about outlook agenda plugins? I am using Microsoft outlook in my website for the users to easily send an email to me. And suddenly heard about this outlook agenda plugins, what is the purpose and importance of the plugin?

Expecting some help, thank you.

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What is all about outlook agenda Plugins?



I have not heard of an Outlook Agenda plugin.  There are multiple plugins or add-ons that will assist you in syncing options for email, calendar, iPhone, to do list, and your agenda.  I believe that one of these plugins is the one that you are referring to.  There is one called SugarCRM.  It will integrate with Outlook as well as other email programs.  It will enable you to streamline business proceedings by linking each persons activities, meetings, agendas, etc, into one calendar.  At the bottom are 3 web sites that will give more information on SugarCRM as well as other plugins and add-ons.




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