What additional features will Inrix Traffic 4 premium offer?

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Inrix Traffic 4 is an IOS mobile application, which is a personal assistant traffic guide and calculates the estimated time taken for each route taken. The package has a free and a premium option, I wanted to know the difference each package offers?


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What additional features will Inrix Traffic 4 premium offer?




You want to know about INRIX Traffic 4 software feature.

It is the software which forecast the news of traffic of the several areas. It is very easy to use. It helps the user to reach in their destination without any kind of late. This software is available for android, apple, blackberry, windows8, windows 7 operating system.

The features of both free and premium version are almost same. The main difference between free and premium version is, unlimited number of places with INRIX arrival. Country which has traffic cameras available, the software can be used. But in free version you cannot use in all the areas.

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What additional features will Inrix Traffic 4 premium offer?


This mobile application is not only available for iOS but for Android as well. For users with Android, you can download INRIX Traffic Maps & GPS. This app has many positive feedbacks coming from users who have installed and used it. It is a traffic, parking, and navigation app which helps you get to important places as quickly and safely as possible.

You can also use the app to share what’s happening along your route as well as police activity, road hazards, and accidents. The app allows you to check traffic cameras so you can have a view of the actual traffic in real-time. You can share your ETA or estimated time of arrival with friends and family to keep them notified of your progress. Among its features include:

  • Automatic re-routing as conditions change during commute.
  • Live traffic routing to prevent congestion and other delays
  • Incident reports from the INRIX community which may include accidents, hazards, police activity, and more.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation with voice assistant to direct you safely and quickly to your destination.

For iOS users, download INRIX Traffic.

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