The guest operating system is not Mac OS X Server

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I want to run VMware on my MAC, but I have this message which will turn off my machine. I have tried to run in many different ways, but the same error message box pops up. Is not compatible VMware with my MAC ? Should I download another version of VMware ?

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The guest operating system is not Mac OS X Server.

This virtual machine will power off.


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The guest operating system is not Mac OS X Server


The message in that error does not refer to your actual Mac computer but to the virtual machine you are running. If you are new to virtualization and you haven’t run a virtual machine yet before, you might be confused between a host operating system and a guest operating system. Here is the difference.

The host operating system really refers to the main or original operating system that runs and powers the computer. This is the operating system that runs when you start your CPU. The guest operating system, on the other hand, is the other operating system you install in addition to the host operating system which is, of course, through virtual machine.

In your case, if you are trying to install a program in the guest operating system and the app is expecting a Mac OS X Server OS, I think you installed the wrong operating system as guest. A Mac OS X Server is different from the usual Mac OS X operating system. You can fix the problem by uninstalling the guest operating system and installing the actual Mac OS X Server as the guest OS.

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