Webmail has issues. Does not allow login

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On the various occasions I’ve worked from home, I’ve tried to access my email via the WEBmail thing when I’ve not needed to access files on the server. However, I don’t seem to be able to log onto it. When I type in my domainuser name and my usual password, I get the message that it cannot find a mailbox for ICAland. It then says to contact technical support telling them the following,

“The mailbox may be stored on a Microsoft Exchange 2000 or Microsoft Exchange 2003 server, or the Active Directory user account was created recently and has not yet replicated to the Active Directory site where this Client Access server is hosted.”

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Webmail has issues. Does not allow login


Hi Chuabeng,

You may want to check it with your Support if they have updated some patches or settings on your emails configuration. If your account is residing on the Exchange server 2007, it may be missing Read permission for the attribute ShowInAddressBook. Once it has been allowed you should be able to login.

Another thing you may want to try is to change the address. Exchange 2003 server uses /owa on their address field to be able to access OWA. Exchange 2007 on the other hand uses /exchange as their address field to access OWA. It will still be redirected to /owa but it will just not get resolved if you /owa.


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