Ways to Export ISA Rules to Excel?

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Hi TechyV Friends!

Please help me. I am looking for different ways to export ISA Rules to excel. I would love to hear advices from experienced and advanced users. If possible, please provide a simple tutorial on how to export ISA rules to excel. If you are using different ISA servers such as ISA server 2000, 2003 or 2006, then please advice. Thank you so much.


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Ways to Export ISA Rules to Excel?



Hello Alyss,

It is common for system administrators to back up ISA rules for reference.

Below is a summarized tutorial using ISA Server 2004, Windows 7  on the client side and Excel 2007. Google and download ISAInfo2XLS.hta (we will need this app later on).

·         On the 2004 server, open the ISA management console, expand the server and select “Firewall policy”.

·         Right-click “firewall policy” and select “Export”

·         Save in a location you are unlikely to forget.

·         Import the files into the ISAInfo2XLS.hta app and expand the firewall policy tab and click “Array Rules.” Then copy all data into a text file.

·         Navigate to MS Excel and select the file type to all, locate your text file and click ok.

·         The text import wizard will run. See below.


·         Select others, type “|”

·         Click finish and your file will be generated

You should do the same for all other ISA server policies.

Richard Knight is credited for the development of ISAInfo2XLS.hta


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