Want an idea about Tesla K80 chip and its capacity

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Why is its the fastest graphic card? Describe about its delivered performance. Can it be used in supercomputers? Which technology is based to develop K80 graphic card? Why oil and gas company is using this graphic card? How is the memory size of Tesla K80? How is its single-precision performance? What is NV-Link and why is this used? What is CUDA parallel programming? Describe about, How to configure its graphics processors? Where is difference between Tesla K80 and Tesla K40? Thank You

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Want an idea about Tesla K80 chip and its capacity



            The NVIDIA has just taken wraps off the tesla k80 and dual GPU, which means scientific computing and more. The NVIDIA and IBM have worked for US government making fastest supercomputers in the world.

            The Geforce GTX 980 is consumer oriented products can be delivered five or six tera flops computing performance it reaches top speeds of nine tera flops.

            It refers as trillion point operation per second that is trillion per second. According to the Nvidia's website K80 tesla and its predecessor, the Tesla K40.

            The group also consists of Intel Xeon and E5-2697 processor, which cost is around $2,500.

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