Microsoft Internet Explorer Script Error

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I am trying to open in internet explorer. But I am receiving given error please tell me its solution how can I remove this error?

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer cannot open the internet site

Operation aborted. 


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Microsoft Internet Explorer Script Error


Hello Majestilangelo,

Okay regarding these problem I have encountered such problem. And I will be a lucky guess that you are not using the outdated Internet Explorer. This problem is caused by a program in the old Internet explorer. So in order to fix these problem you can update your current Internet explorer the latest release in their site. That will solve the problem.

And if you like it easy yet temporary. You can use another browser if you have another. Like Mozilla or Google Chrome. That also does the trick.

Hope this helps.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer Script Error

The screenshot you added to your post seems that you're using IE 7. Considering Kyle John's response here, may I ask if you tried updating your browser to IE 8, or if you want to stick with your current version? 
If you want to stay with IE 7 then I'll suggest disabling the active scripting in your browser by changing the security zone. This avoids the issue by preventing scripts from running, therefore letting your MySpace. page load. 
In order to do this, you'll have to set the active scripting to "Disable" or to "Prompt". Here are the steps:
1. On your IE browser, click the Tools menu then select Internet Options.
2. Click the Security tab, click the zone the page loads under (Internet, in this case) then click the Custom level button.
3. Scroll a long way down to the Scripting section, and under Active scripting you can select between Disable (prevents scripts) and Prompt (prompts you either to run or not run scripts).
Scripting Internet Options
Make sure to only use this alternative if the error frequently happens on the same website. When you've changed the Scripting setting, then you'll have to reset it to Enable after browsing your desired page so that the other websites in the same zone will not be affected.
I hope this helps you broaden your options.

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