VPN Unable To make Connection Error

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Hi there,

I was surfing the internet today at home, then this error appeared. I can’t understand it, can someone help me out please.

Let me tell you what happened. I was doing online work and was downloading images and then saving it to the server, from a client computer. At the same time, when I downloaded a bunch of images and then accessed the server, to place the images in the server shared folder, I received this error message which says, "the VPN client is unable to establish connection".

The VPN client is unable to establish a connection.

Now after this error occurred, not only I lost access to the server from the client but also the client computer is now not getting connected to the internet.

Does anyone know why this happened and how to troubleshoot it?

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VPN Unable To make Connection Error



VPN's are remote connections to a server, through a public network i.e internet. A couple of steps, to help you make your connection.

  • Ensure that your internet connection is on.
  • If using a cable, ensure the cable is plugged in. If connecting wirelessly, ensure that your wireless card drivers are working ok and the signal strength is good. Type network key if prompted.
  • Check if your IP and DNS IP addresses are correct (that is, if they are not set to obtain automatically). If this doesn't help, check with your internet provider
  • Ensure that your VPN software is installed and properly configured.
  • To view VPN settings, right click your VPN icon then click on settings.
  • (Continue with the steps below if you want to re-install your VPN )
  • With download VPN software and for installation guidelines, select this link VPN Software Installation and guidelines.
  • If software is installed, you can delete the old connection and create a new connection To setup VPN connection click this link .
  • Then test your connection to the server
  1. Click the Start button. Click Run.
  2. Enter command and click OK.
  3. You will get a black screen with a prompt
  4. Type ping VPN. (type your server name) and hit enter
  5. If the VPN is responding properly you should see a response (if you do not see a response, reconfirm your setting with the server Administrator)
  • Make sure that your VPN connection is initialized/started, before opening your browser, especially with Internet Explorer

Hope this helps!!!

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VPN Unable To make Connection Error


If you have installed a Kaspersky Antivirus, this error will show up. The solution for this is, to configure the exception of the said Antivirus to have access to any client.

First check if Kaspersky is blocking the session of VPN. To check this action, stop Kaspersky temporarily ; just right click the icon of Kaspersky on the desktop and from the menu, choose the Pause Protection option. From that option, click the option of Resume protection in 1 minute.

While the Antivirus Kaspersky is temporarily stopped, connect the VPN network and check if it's working.

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