VPN connection problem error issue

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Our company is now adopting the technology of Cisco for VPN.  

While I am installing Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client, to connect to a site, after my installation is done, normally I will check by connecting to a site. I cannot connect.  

There is an error about certificate problem. There is no other option.

I should either accept, or get some certificate in order to connect.  

Only the OK button is present on the error message.

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client

Connection attempt has failed due to server certificate problem.

This error is somewhat new to me, because I am also new to VPN, specially with Cisco VPN client.

Asking for some help  on what this certificate issue is all about and also how to get those certificates, in order for me to connect to the site.

Thank you.

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VPN connection problem error issue


Hello Simonthames,

This problem may arise when connecting VPN; it probably got another IP address. Then your old IP address locks this. Thus your license gets locked.

Usually this is the cause of this problem. If you do not unlock the license, within 2 to 5 minutes, you have to restart the license server. It is important to you that you have the authority, to get into as administrator to maintain your IP address and as well as unlocking the license, because the time is too short to do this.

Hope you can do this.

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VPN connection problem error issue


If you are getting some problem in server certificate then you can see for these options available.

  • You can see that the servers are properly installed and are configured correctly.
  • You can see for any service problem in network.
  • You need to upgrade all of your certificate so that no error come.
  • A certificate is a thing that tells the computer over a network that how it will react on any request or any respond.
  • Certificate defines the way in which one computer will connect with another computer it is like a protocol in a network.
  • You can configure all of your devices and then check for any error in your configuration.

Once you go through these points i can say that you will be  able to solve your problem.

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