VOIP I always encounter, “log in timed out.”

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I am trying to log in to VoIP using the following information:

  • Username: Your phone number, e. g. 086262xxxx – Note the 0.
  • Authorization User: Your phone number – e. g. 086262xxxx – Note the 0.
  • Password: VoIP Password.
  • Domain / Realm: iihne.iinet.nt.au.
  • SIP Proxy: sip.<state>.iinet.nt.au.

When I log in, I always encounter, “log in timed out. ” Upon checking my settings, I find a black where the outbound proxy should be and I’ve turned off the firewall. The administrators informed me that there is no trace of me logging in at all. I am using Windows XP SP2. Could there be something blocking my access?


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VOIP I always encounter, “log in timed out.”


To resolve that issue, you will need to make sure that InPhonex number is not correctly typed, and that there are no dashes between the numbers. You will have to, make sure that the 7 digit that you are entering is written as XXXXXXX.

The other possible cause of the problem will be an incorrect proxy address or password that are using for your account. You will need to make sure that it is "sip.inphonex.com".

Also check your internet connection status. Poor Internet connection, unstable network, lengthy registration interval or blocked firewall may be the possible causes and therefore you will have to resolve that.

Another thing to observe is that the applet does not use a port other than 5060 for running the test. In the event that it needs to use a different port, then it will release a message.

Richard Gabriel.

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